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Here in Augusta, we are the local concrete specialists to help you with every need. Our skilled concrete contractors can fill all of your concrete needs quickly without sacrificing quality. We offer a multitude of services to make sure all of your bases are covered when deciding to install new concrete or upgrading your existing concrete surfaces. We work with commercial and residential clients all around the Augusta, Georgia area. 

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Concrete Patios

Each area of your home or business, regardless of it being an installation, repairing, or resurfacing project will need to be assessed and completed by concrete professionals to make sure any future damages can be prevented.

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A couple of our popular services we provide for clients are Concrete Patio Installation and Concrete Resurfacing.

Concrete patios are great additions to any home. They can range from being very practical and useful, be an artistic enhancement to a yard, and everything in between. We can handle all projects from beginning to end to make your experience a stress-free one.

Patio Installation Process

Before installation, we prepare the area that is going to be paved by leveling and packing the ground to best sustain the concrete over time. We then frame and pour the concrete to create the actual slabs of concrete that will make up your patio.

Decorative Concrete Finishing

After the concrete has been installed, you can choose between a variety of decorative concrete techniques.

  • Concrete Stamping: Stamping a pattern such as wood, cobblestone, pavers, etc. into your concrete slabs.
  • Concrete Staining: After or in lieu of stamping, you can stain concrete to be another color of your choosing such as red, brown, gray, blue, etc.
  • Concrete Polishing: As the last step, you can choose to polish your concrete slabs to create a high-gloss surface for easy cleaning and durability.

Concrete is used by many houses here in Augusta, GA. Concrete is an affordable, high-quality alternative with decorative concrete options and agility in home construction and landscape design. Our competent contractors can rapidly pour concrete to fill sidewalks and patio areas. We built endless concrete pavers. Concrete patio pouring is one of our professions! With Augusta Concrete Co, the price and upkeep of the concrete driveway should not be a problem. If you are wondering if we are delivering the particular service you need, please call us today. Our contractors have years of experience, and we are happy to offer a wide range of concrete patio choices. Concrete patio layouts are not a competition for our team of contractors. We are working difficult so that you do not have to give up effectiveness for fair flatwork concrete prices. Other targeted firms in Augusta will not provide identical specialist support and excellent rates.

There are easier options to make your concrete walkway look totally new. There are affordable ways to make your driveway and sidewalks complement the layout of your Augusta home. We are happy to be able to give everything to them! Call now to know if your estimate would fit with the Patio’s stamped concrete! When creating a patio or a walkway, concrete is a perfect option for your backyard. With a concrete patio, there are several different options you can choose from. This includes stained concrete, stamped concrete, leveling of concrete, stone concrete paving, and polishing of concrete. Flatwork concrete is a word used on a flat surface to highlight the desire to pour concrete. We have experts who make your concrete construction a joy for every flat surface you may have.

Concrete patios are far more than a simple slab of concrete in your backyard. By staining, stamping, and more, they can be painted. With some of the same amenities, we can also do a patio makeover if you already have a concrete patio. Installing a concrete patio can be a complex process and can only be performed by skilled technicians. We are very confident in the expertise of our suppliers to help ensure that your patio is properly completed, avoiding possible problems or injury. As we offer painted concrete patio service, there are also various colored options available. Stamped concrete patios are very common amongst Augusta homes, and it is not a mystery as to why. The price of the stamped concrete patio is appropriate because we work hard to ensure the competition is beaten by the cost of blending. Give us a call for professional building patio contractors who are ready to tackle your task! One of our concrete patio technicians will have an estimation and plan with you.

Concrete patios and surfaces are the ideal living space to withstand heavy traffic and external influences while maintaining a clean visual appearance. To ensure that any concrete patio and surface is properly built, clean, and without injury, Concrete retains specialized machines and highly qualified practitioners. Mixing a concrete patio can not only be complex and labor-intensive, but installation can also be dangerous and can be a risk to anyone using the surface if done unprofessionally.

concrete patio with outdoor fireplace in Augusta

In your house and property, concrete resurfacing is a comparatively straightforward method that can have an immense impact. We start by grinding down the concrete at Augusta, GA Concrete, and washing the surface of the cement. The established service is further accompanied by suitable aspects of concrete resurfacing. We use this type of concrete repair to maintain your garage floor or driveway in a simpler way. We help secure your physical driveway from fractures with this cement resurfacing system. Many new and built homes have cement driveways and walkways that can degrade over time from extreme heat, humidity, strain, and daily usage, and need concrete resurfacing to preserve their aesthetic beauty and potential value. A house or company’s general image is not only affected by deteriorated and filthy concrete, but it may also become a significant danger because the structural stability of the concrete surface is adversely affected by cracks and gaps.

Concrete resurfacing is commonly designed to repair, patch holes and gaps, surface concrete, and restore broken concrete in order to return it to the ideal shape. Concrete resurfacing is a simple way for damaged and dusty concrete surfaces to be turned into robust, high-performance surfaces that look neat and clean and have an extended lifetime.

More particularly, in prolonging the life of your concrete surfaces, concrete resurfacing is of key importance. In order to ensure safety, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effectiveness, deteriorated concrete needs to be repaired and maintained until a complete structural collapse. Without the right expertise and equipment, concrete resurfacing is a complex and highly hazardous job.

That is why Augusta, GA Concrete has the necessary equipment and expertise to promote the rapid and efficient competence and quality of each concrete resurfacing process. There are plenty of choices for those who already have concrete surfaces to make the concrete feel modern. Concrete resurfacing is one way of growing the durability of the surface and eliminating the potential need for concrete repair. Concrete resurfacing is a perfect way to save money and raise its worth under certain factors.

In simple terms, over your existing slab or patio, we apply a thin cement layer, resulting in a perfectly smooth looking surface. If you have a concrete yard that you want to preserve, but you will need some repairs, resurfacing concrete is a fantastic choice, but a cost-effective replacement as well. Concrete resurfacing can help repair damaged or unappealing concrete while making concrete slabs stronger and more durable at the same time.

Concrete patios, which can suffer damage, are heavily used areas subjected to cracking, pitting, and rubbing. After the concrete base has been resurfaced, the final step involves going through the Decorative Concrete finishing to enhance the resurfacing job. A greater perceived value can be added by applying a pattern, paint, or glow to your entire patio and home. Stamping concrete is a multifaceted task best assigned to experts.

Augusta Concrete Patio Resurfacing

If you already have a concrete patio that you want to keep, but it could use some work, concrete resurfacing is, not only, a great option, but a cost-effective option. Resurfacing your concrete can help fix damaged or unsightly concrete, while simultaneously making stronger and longer-lasting concrete slabs.

Concrete patios are high-traffic areas that can suffer from damages like:

  • Cracking
  • Pitting
  • Scratching

The process of resurfacing concrete can be a simple fix to these aesthetic issues. We will first clean the concrete patio, then mix a new concrete mixture with a bonding agent to be poured over the existing slab. This makes your patio look and feels like a new concrete slab has just been installed.

Once you have resurfaced your concrete slab, you can then go through the list of Decorative Concrete finishes to enhance the resurfacing job. Adding a pattern, color, or polishing can add a lot of value to your patio and home as a whole.

Augusta Concrete Co has experts and sophisticated equipment to pour a concrete patio that will last for highly qualified professionals. Please call us today at (762) 787-7377 to talk to one of our contractors or to access our free online quote form and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible. We know that our contractors will have a fix for any requirement you have! All matters interior and exterior concrete are established to our contractors.

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