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In Augusta, concrete driveways are a staple for most homes. There are a lot of different things you can do with a concrete driveway and our team of knowledgeable concrete contractors knows we can help you find the best fit for your home. 

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Whether you are looking to install a new driveway or need help restoring your existing driveway, Augusta Concrete Co is the local concrete company that will make your decision a breeze. It’s important that you leave the handy work to a professional to make sure you are preventing any future issues or damages.

Call us today at (762) 787-7377 or fill out the free online quote form to schedule an assessment of your driveway.  Augusta Concrete Co takes many factors into account to ensure a longer life expectancy for freshly placed concrete: water flow, traffic patterns, and specific use of your estate. In order to safeguard the area, construct, and design the layer that needs to be leveled, we raise and strengthen the area over time before installation. We have a service that has the reputation of being punctual, tracking the job effectively as time suggested, handling time limits, adjustments in costs, and products. With other clients, we have a portfolio of our previous works that can promise reliability.

Concrete Driveway Repair

As you can imagine, it’s normal to have an existing concrete driveway that you’d like to update. In Georgia, the weather changes between seasons can contribute to the wear and tear of your driveway.

Examples of the issues we can assess and repair are:

  • Home Cracking
  • Pitting
  • Lifting
  • Settling


Cracking concrete can be caused by a number of things. It could be because the original installation wasn’t properly done or the ground underneath the slab has shifted. Cracks are a fairly easy fix for a contractor if there are no underlying issues.

All that is needed to fix a simple crack is to, first, chisel the crack and make sure it is clean. Slowly fill the crack and smooth, then wait for it to cure, and seal. If there are deeper issues than a simple crack, you may need to completely resurface or replace your driveway fully or the individual slab that is cracked. To know that this process is done correctly and all underlying issues are assessed, you’ll need to leave this job to the experts.


Pitting is when the concrete of your driveway is flaking away or chipping at the surface. This is usually caused by not mixing the cement correctly or fully in the installation, or water getting into the pores of the concrete and freezing. When the water freezes it expands within the pores breaking down the cement until it chips at the surface.

This can be fixed by resurfacing the concrete. What resurfacing entails is overlaying a layer of the new concrete mixture on top of the existing concrete and sealing it once it’s dry. This can give your driveway a brand new looking finish and keep it from deteriorating further.


Lifted slabs of concrete in your driveway can be a safety hazard for those using it. It is smart to seek immediate attention for lifted slabs because it can not only be a hazard that you can trip on but can imminently cause damage to your vehicles driving over the lifted portions.

Lifting can be caused by freezing patterns similar to pitting, but when it occurs to the soil underneath the driveway. It can also be caused by tree and plant roots growing underneath the slabs.


In opposition to lifting, your driveway can also settle, or sink down. This is generally from the settling of the ground underneath the concrete or the ground may not have been packed down correctly in the installation and has now sunk. This creates similar issues as lifting and can lead to further damage to the rest of your driveway.

To fix both lifting and settling, one of our concrete specialists will need to determine what is needed unique to your driveway and its surroundings.

In response to the natural environment, concrete driveways are the most effective. In Augusta, concrete driveways are explicitly designed to withstand extreme heat, humidity, cold, and even natural disasters. Under hazardous conditions, other products appear to fracture and wear out, while our concrete driveways remain resilient to equipment and frequent corrosion. A concrete driveway for reliability and longevity is not a decent bargain, Therefore, to ensure that our customers know exactly what to expect when working with Augusta Concrete Co, we have involved a price quote on our home page. We value functionality and capabilities, meaning there are no additional costs, no hidden fees, and no shortcuts available. The concrete that is made to last be just poured cautiously.

beautiful Augusta GA concrete driveway job

Concrete Driveway Maintenance in Augusta

Concrete patios, driveways, and garages are the places that we mostly concentrate on. From cleaning and resurfacing the cement to polishing, staining, or decorating it, we are doing everything. We are striving to make your driveway look modern and enhance its existence, which increases the curb appeal of your home.  Any area of your home or business, irrespective of whether it is a construction, renovation, or resurfacing project, will have to be examined and carried out by skilled contractors to ensure that any potential destruction can be prevented.

We offer services, as concrete contractors, for any concrete surface you need. Any road, floor, wall, patio, driveway, back or front porch, deck, or stairs can also be done as stated above. With each of these fields, we have training as well. We may also use old tiles for renovation or repair, in addition to concrete. We have the ability to resurface them and make them look new. With any cement work you have, large or small, we are going to assist you. Augusta Concrete Co works with all aspects of concrete. With commercial concrete contractor service, we offer the biggest job, but do not ignore to help with your small job. We have widely recognized skills and alternatives, particularly when it comes to decorative concrete. We have a wide variety of stamped concrete patterns for your patio and driveway. Our competent concrete contractors are highly skilled in concrete resurfacing and repair. For starters, to help reconstruct your flatwork concrete, we also use a high-quality concrete sheet. We are certain that we have the expertise and abilities to do it, no matter what particular service you will need. Give us a call today at (762) 787-7377 to talk to one of our specialists or to fill out the free online quote form, and we will notify you as soon as possible.

We recognize that because the climate here in Augusta and the frequent use of your concrete area can lead to complications such as fracturing or collapsing, we focus on ensuring you get the best cement service and concrete repair. For the repairs of concrete buildings and structures, excellent value and massively qualified and skilled contractors are essential.

In relation to eroding the integral steadiness of the building, it can prompt waste and disposal issues, greater repair costs, Through our specialized concrete services, we can solve these problems, understand the area impacted, and measure the harm it can do to the location, and provide the most efficient solution. It is common to want a concrete driveway to be maintained and modified, which could be due to changing weather, such as deterioration, leading to wear out of the driveways. Many problems can be caused by cracking concrete.

External influences such as traffic, components, and chemicals continue to degrade the material’s stability as concrete ages, which can lead to cracking and anomalies. Maintaining the concrete surfaces properly will prevent corrosion and extend the average lifespan by avoiding premature failure. In addition to generating aesthetic improvements and minimizing liabilities, preventive concrete maintenance may also address minor problems and delay future expensive concrete repairs. Sinking, broken concrete driveways, uneven pavement slabs, sunken porch steps, and uneven pool decks are the most popular concrete issues. Augusta Foundation Repair has solutions to address the underlying problem and extend the life of your concrete for years to come if the concrete around your home is unleveled, dented, or even pitted and peeling.

You can anticipate a full examination and a comprehensive interpretation of the concrete repair remedy we suggest when we visit your home for the first time and why. Depending on the severity of the concrete damage, we offer several levels of protection and adjust our recommendations to meet your unique requirements. Unfortunately, concrete can inevitably suffer damage and deterioration over time, even with the most reliable and efficient preventive repair. The lower layer underlying the concrete, which leads to its gradual degradation, is gradually weakened by external forces coupled with natural aging. In the guidelines and assessment of the correct repair method, evaluating the root cause and any fundamental issues is important.  Our skilled contractors are evaluated based on their responsiveness, effectiveness, operation, and customer care.

Augusta Concrete Co is ready to answer any kind of queries you might have for any concrete around the driveway or other places around the house. Please call us today at (762) 787-7377.

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